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which episode was that photo from?

Which photo are you referring to? :)

The 7 Best #Laboracay Photos on Instagram Right Now


Laboracay - the annual man-made catastrophe that draws swarms of douchebags and airheads to this island. If you think we’re exaggerating, see for yourself, look up the hashtag and prepare to be blown away.

Phase 1: The Preparation
We feel the excitement, the eagerness, the anticipation… to be…

Halika’t maligaw kasama ako. ;”>

Dangerously cunning, and deliciously thrilling.

That moment when you know fully well what is the right thing to do, but whenever you’re already with the person you love, no amount of reason could make sense why you would defy everything just to be with them.

Why? Why did we even have to meet when he’s already with someone else?

Will Steroline finally happen? :”>

Ang hakaw ko kasi; sorry not sorry. :)) #foodporn #100happydays #day32 #waiying (at Metropolitan Medical Center)

#mealprep101again Thanks to a special friend for your recipe! You know who you are! Love youuu! ;* <3 more recipes soon, pls? #100happydays #day22 #goodfood #goodlife (at Avida Towers Tower II San Lazaro)